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Social media

Marketing in social networks is a simple social strategy. This is usually done on an internet platform that lets the public participate in its content through your computer, smartphone or tablet. Social networks allow your target consumers to participate in you and your brand. The most popular social networking platforms today include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram (curtidas no instagram). Managing social media marketing can be time consuming. Therefore, I recommend that you focus your time and content on certain websites. Here are some suggestions:

Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are visualization platforms that connect your art to your customers. With Facebook, you can create separate business pages from your personal pages. From this merchant page, you can create a fan community where you can enjoy, comment, and share your images and content. Instagram has the same basic framework as Facebook, where you can create multiple profiles and navigate through the apps on your phone. This similarity is interesting if you have personal and professional profiles. Instagram is a social media focused on providing perfect images for visual artists. Again, you can create a follower community. For Instagram (curtidas no instagram), using # is essential to driving traffic to your profile, unlike Facebook, which is better integrated into the app’s transmission and calling people to share your page.

YouTube allows the public to take a step in your learning and see that you are working on recent work. YouTube may not look like a form of social networking, but in fact, by definition, it does. Social media is any web platform that allows users to socialize and connect. Because of the ability to share and comment on YouTube videos, it’s actually a social network. YouTube is actually a social media platform, not a video marketing technology. In the next section, I will share some information about how to turn this social media platform into a video marketing tool.

Video marketing

Video marketing is designed to appeal to your consumers or viewers to take action. For video, you think this is considered video marketing, which should cause you interest in the site or the fees they must pay for additional access. Video is a great way to share your talents with your audience and interest in your art. Videos can also help your subscribers and subscribers better understand you. The audience likes to build relationships with you. When you can create loyalty, your audience can be their best marketing partner because they can share their videos with friends.

Because YouTube is free, this is a great way to share videos that emphasize your artistic skills or provide short, free tutorials for specific art media. Keep in mind that this is a marketing technique and you need to generate something that the viewer must take action or purchase. You will be qualified to video marketing tools by creating a last link in the video to upload it to your website or by providing a more detailed instructional video for the final price. With YouTube, you can create a channel that can focus on your own artistic style or publish instructional videos to provide detailed information to complete a unique piece of art. Free video editing software and cheap, Apple like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker lets you customize your video before you transfer them to YouTube.

For example, we will use a watercolor painter who focuses on the flower still life. The artist posted a 5-minute painting tutorial on roses on YouTube. This video was created using iMovie software, which is standard on most Apple computers. At the end of the free 5-minute video, the artist announces a 30-minute video on their website that will guide the viewer into the flower rose still life, from start to finish. Webcam and software are standard on Apple products. The cost of creating this video marketing example is free.

Social networking and video marketing are virtual ways to reach your target audience. Guerrilla marketing is a cheap marketing, pl we touch, leaving a deep impression on your audience.

Guerrilla marketing

Guerrilla marketing is a popular, cheap, fun and direct marketing strategy. Often, guerrilla marketing visual art, such as aerosol paint labels or posters and unique decals, makes it naturally similar to visual artists. The marketing strategy is designed to create interest and make viewers curious about survey ads. In order for guerrilla marketing to serve you, you need more imagination and creativity than money.

Building guerrilla marketing can be both fun and exciting. Some ideas for guerrilla marketing may be the use of vinyl or paper posters; this is called a wild publication. Another fashionable approach is to relocate street billboards or emerging professional galleries to public spaces. It should also be noted that the way and location of emerging and public galleries may create legal issues. Displaying decals or posters can be problematic, especially if they are placed in paid advertisements or places, national or federal facilities. In most cities, permits must be established in public places. Do not let the risk of legal crime prevent you from using this strategy. With proper research and planning, guerrilla marketing can be a quick and fun way to create excitement for your art.

Social media, video marketing and guerrilla marketing are ways to improve the reputation and loyalty of artists in both local and remote communities. Successful marketing will help you increase the awareness and loyalty of art consumers.

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